CatTamboo Flyers

CatTamboo Flyers are responsive and unpredictable just like a real bird, moth, bat, or mouse. People love playing with them and their kitty cats forever love playtime!  Dogs and other animals with active hunting instincts will explode in excitement!  Guaranteed to create priceless fun!  And our one-of-a-kind flyers are a wonderful tool for dog trainers too. 


CatTamboo Flyers are a revolutionary new line of interactive cat toys that are eco friendly and made from sustainable materials. Custom Made CatTamboo® rods have the whip-like action.  A writing motion with your toy in hand creates prey like movements that are fast, fluid, and unpredictable. The lure is a Cat Fly! 

Cat Flies ™ lures are tied specifically to imitate real prey and are aerodynamically designed to fly.  This combination makes the Tamboo Flyer look, smell, sound, and behave so much like prey that all of the 5 senses are active! Guaranteed to bring out the wild side in your feline or canine!