Sales and Promotions

Affiliate Marketing

Customers often have the means to help businesses get the word out about their products.  If you love Doing the CatTamboo and have a way you can help us, then please hit us up via It is a great way to get your pet toys for free!

Prototyping and Testing

Do you have highly aggressive cats? Do your cats regularly tear up their toys? If you do and don't mind giving us feedback, then let us know. This is a great way to not only get free pet toys, but also to receive awesome prototype toys for testing purposes. 

Win a free toy

Do you have some high quality video of your cat(s) doing the CatTamboo? If you do and don't mind sharing it, then send it to us!  If we end up using your video on any of our social media or websites, then we will send you a free toy!  Since video content is huge online, there is a really good chance of winning!

Please send video content to 

Discount Codes

You can save money on your orders by taking advantage of the discount codes that we make available to customers! There are several ways to get valid discount codes:

  1. Follow us on Facebook
  2. Sign up for our newsletter
  3. Holiday specials