Turkey Wing Feather Replacement Lures

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Replacement Lures – Cat Flies

You can replace the feathers on your CatTamboo® interactive pet toy by purchasing any one of our unique feather toy replacement lures called Cat Flies.

A heat gun, lighter, or hot blow dryer are required. Must be 18 years or older.

Explore the full range of CatFlies on Tamboo Rods!

What size should I order?

Small - Ideal for shy and gentle pets, this lure fits the small toys (5-6 feet long). 
Medium/Large - This lure fits the medium/large toys (6-7 feet long) and offers a more dynamic play experience.
Jumbo - This lure fits the jumbo toys (7-8 feet long). A premium, extra-large lure, offering the the best durability and dynamic action for aggressive hunters and growing puppies and kittens. Ideal for pets that are attracted to birds and larger prey.

You can add a peacock eye feather to any lure! The blue-green color is visible to cats and especially eye catching, though any pet will find the shimmer and pattern of the peacock feather irresistible.

What about shipping?

Shipping is calculated based on weight and size of the toys you select, and your location. Add your toys to the Shopping Cart and click Checkout. You can enter your shipping address and view the total shipping charges before placing your order. 
Estimate* Shipping Cost for Replacement Lures ONLY:
$3 Shipping for 1 Replacement Lure
$4 Shipping for 2-4 Replacement Lures
$5 Shipping for 5+ Replacement Lures